Looking for a different type of board or card game to enjoy at a party or family gathering in Christmas 2020? How about one based on some of the most iconic pop stars, musicians and songs of the past 40 years. Below we list the most fun relevant quiz, trivia, sing and guess games to get your groove on and challenge your brain this Christmas with these top music board games.

Now That’s What I Call Music Board Game

This one is for the whole family and focuses on the Trivia aspect of music. You may remember how popular the Now Music brand was before mp3’s came about. Every year they would release a new album on CD. The trivia focuses on music from the 1980’s through to the 2000’s so everyone in the family has a chance to win. The board game is designed for 2 to 6 players making it an excellent choice for the family to play at Christmas.

The game works by you needing to perform different tasks depending on what number you roll on the dice. The idea is to beat your opponents to the centre of the board. Each number of the dice represents a unique task. For example if you roll a four it’s “Complete the Title” round and if you roll a six it’s describing, clapping, humming and whistling songs for your opponents to guess right.

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Muso DJ Card Game

More than simply a music quiz game Muso DJ focuses on more than just what you know but are you are at the time. The game comes with 150 playlist music cards, 100 bonus point cards, 20 sing cards and rules. Using your own music stream service everyone who plays gets to be the DJ or the guesser.

What’s appealing about the game other than unique design is that by using a music streaming service such as Spotify the game opens itself up to endless amounts of playing without getting old. It’s a rather new game only launched in July 2019 so we’d definitely recommend checking it out for Christmas with the family as the perfect party game.

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Playlist Card Game

One of the most fun and unique music card games available, Playlist involves picking tracks from your past, it brings feelings of nostalgia and laughter at the same time. The perfect card game to play at Christmas it’s dead simple to get started and can be played for hours in groups.

A playlist of memories for adults and a game to help teach parents and children about their own tastes and favourites in music. There will be fun, laughter and plenty of conversation at the table this Christmas if you snap up Playlist.

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DropMix Music Mixing Board Game

This happens to be one of the most original music games you can buy this Christmas. It involves combining different modern day tunes to make unique new ones with three ways to play…Freestyle, Clash and Party modes.

The game has to be played in combination with the mobile app you download which allows you to make any mix you like from the music available featuring Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, the Weekend and more. You can either player in groups of friends against each other or vs the app itself.

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