Skilful Serenity in a Most Mesmerising and Gorgeous Gaming Package

music catch 2

Mesmerise, Hypnotise

Of all of the sub-genres of music game to exist out the on the internet, that of musical skill games is probably one of the most diverse set you can hope to encounter. Within this set you have titles like rhythm-based skill game Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe and Music Bounce, but sometimes people just want a little more finesse and subtlety with their music gaming experience. Enter Music Catch, and specifically the sublime sequel to said game, Music Catch 2. If you had an idea of everything that a perfect sequel should contain, then Music Catch 2 is going to be the game to deliver on every single one of these ideas because it is exemplary in terms of following on from a stupendously original and whistle-whetting original title. Music Catch 2 has more mesmerising visuals, insanely relaxing music, and challenging levels than ever before.

In with the Old, In with the New

The concept of this game, as with all games that are smash hits on the internet, is devastatingly simple. All one has to do is watch a variety of musical symbols appear from the black screen, pulsating and releasing in time with the music like a stunning, interactive visualisation;you simply have to collect these symbols with your mouse. You’ll notice special shapes being released that are different colours and shapes from the regular musical symbols. These special shapes have different properties such as the yellow ones which make your cursor grow in size (it can then collect more shapes more efficiently) and red ones which make it shrink and hinder your progress. If you collect the occasional purple symbol, you’ll be treated to a busy spectacle in which all of the good notes rush towards your cursor (or your finger in the case of the official Music Catch Mobile Game), sucking in the symbols and temporarily doing all of the work for you.

New features in this game include a smoother interface, a new rainbow shape which turns all of the on-screen shapes to yellow, and also some new movement patterns which allow for a more challenging time, forcing you to be more reactive and speedy with your movements when avoiding the bad shapes and going for the good. Still, even the most difficult and random of the movement patterns aren’t particularly taxing, but you’ll soon realise that Music Catch 2 isn’t about the hardcore challenge anyway. It becomes obvious from the seriously calming music that this game is more about the enveloping atmosphere and the relaxing experience rather than relentless challenges.

Unwind and Unfold

Reflexive Entertainment‘s Music Catch 2 appears to have pretty much all of the features you would desire from a sequel: new inclusions, refined gameplay, a smoother and improved look, and most of all, the retention of what makes the original Music Catch such an incredible debut game. You can even input your own MP3 URLS if you want to get your own music in there, though the provided music is so good that it isn’t too likely that you will. Music Catch 2 is simply a unique game with a fantastic concept which deserves to be successful and admired by all.