If you happen to be fed up of the endless barrage of bad news and general hate coming from the majority of mainstream media outlets, and happen to enjoy rhythm-and-skill based mobile games available for iOS or Android, then Love Live! School Idol Festival may just be the antidote to your worries.

You’ll find it virtually impossible to be filled with anything but enjoyment and love when you open up this addictive, colourful, and downright visually-and-aurally loud example of addictive, freemium rhythm-centric mobile-gaming: https://www.androidauthority.com/best-rhythm-games-for-android-615033/ done correctly. Assemble a team of 9 idols comprised of some of the legends from the Love Live! Universe, as you’re tasked with the responsibility of blasting through the game’s various modes including story mode, collecting idol cards and generally having a chilled, love-filled time in the typical endearing way all these sorts of love style games – https://www.lovegameonline.com have you going.

Live Love! School Idol Festival

What happens when you mix guitar hero with the saccharine sweetness of anime, and wrap it all up in a sugary-sweet app-shaped bundle complete with in-app purchases, a story mode, and the ability to play all of your favourite characters from the Live Love! Franchise? You get Live Love! School Idol Festival is what. This is a rhythm-based, skill-requiring music-and-dance game that has you tapping your fingers frantically as you dance and move your way up the high-school pecking order, in distinctly colourful fashion.

Dance Team: Assemble

Your first time entering the game’s colourful surroundings sees you create a profile and agree to a few legal items (over-16 agreements and things of this ilk), but after the red tape it’s straight to the fun. Your first responsibility is to assemble a team of 9 idols from the broad selection available. Browse between the Aqours and μ’s –  each of these tabs contains 9 different club members, each with their own miniature backstory and some vital information such as blood type, just in case you were curious about your team needing a transfusion in the middle of a performance.

Which members to pick for your team is a choice that is entirely at your discretion. All the members begin at level 1, so it’s up to you to enter them into live shows and give them lots of dancing experience in order to ensure they climb up the level quickly. There are also other features/modes in the game, such as “Scout Mode” where you can recruit members to your team. In all, there’s a nice amount to be getting on with, so once you’ve chosen your leader, you are able to immediately get stuck into the core gameplay.

Rhythm and Skill

Looking past the sickly-sweet bursting-with-colours-and-love feel of the game for a second, the gameplay is a familiar affair. Much like Guitar Hero, rhythm discs shoot from a central point on the screen past your 9 idols; it’s up to you to tap these as they align with each of the icons and flutter past.

The scoring system isn’t as strict as you’d find in games like guitar hero. Instead, your members have different attributes (Cool, Pure, and Smile) – the points you will earn depend on these attributes and vary wildly.

When looking at it objectively, the (relatively) free-wheeling and minimally-quantifying score system is more in-keeping with the game’s title (Live Love!), allowing players to have more of a fun time and enjoy themselves rather than being smashed with high difficulty and a regimented scoring system from the outset. That doesn’t mean you can’t crank up the difficulty and really give yourself a challenge, however; this game has plenty of frustration to offer you if you so desire.

Design and Other Considerations

If you’ve ever had experience with similar anime games such as Hanbai Media’s Hot Roomies, then Love Live!’s colourful, bright, and over-the-top love-and-joy visual theme will mean you’re right at home. The design is of course typical for style of games such as these, but that doesn’t make the combination of bright colours (pinks, purples, and virtually all other colours of the rainbow, too) any less eye-catching. The music is also relentlessly positive and unendingly cheery. It’s hard not to be motivated to smash your live shows with such energy pumping out of the speakers every second you’re in the game.

The only downside to the action is the fact that you’ll have to hand over cash if you want fast progress and some other extras that can be purchased in the shop. Progress is slower if you choose not to buy some of the in-app purchases, however this really is how games like this are kept free, and you’re not too limited if you choose never to hand over a dime of real cash. So if you’re after the hectic gameplay of guitar hero but with a softer approach to both difficulty and visual design, Live Love! School Idol festival will get your juices flowing.

Download at Google Play for Android