Living for Live Music

You can’t escape it: electronic music has very much arrived and looks to be here to stay for the foreseeable future. Though it has existed in various forms since its rise in the late 70s/early 80s, it has taken the world by storm in recent years, leading to the infuriating label of EDM (Electronic Dance music) that it has been given by audiences in America where it has become known almost exclusively by this acronym. I have appreciation for all kinds of music regardless of style, as long as said music is good. By good, I of course mean sounds good to me, which in turn might not sound good to other people, but that is neither my concern or problem. Having listened to massive amounts of dance and electronic music in general, I’ve definitely whittled down the pool of artists I’d very much like to see live because of their skills as producers, DJs, and also their songs. Who cares, right? Who cares about some list I’m making? I do, that’s who, and I’ll just go ahead and make my list of electronic artists that would be incredible to see live.


I stumbled upon this cheeky Belgian singer-songwriter no more than a year ago, much to my absolute delight. Apparently already a success in the hip-hop world, this man also has an album entitled Cheese, the songs on which are incredibly original and hugely enjoyable to listen to. I would definitely take the opportunity to see this man live if he is ever in your immediate vicinity (or even if he isn’t).


I used to be into Drum and Bass in a big way but the wobbly bass lines and endless hours of MCs vocally dribbling all over the tracks really turned me off from the genre. Liquid Drum and Bass is an entirely different cup of tea altogether though, with melody-driven songs rather than raw, unrelenting filth dropping on a regular basis, making it much more pleasant to listen to – and not an MC in sight. Netsky is sort of half way between traditional Drum and Bass and pure Liquid DnB, with a range of melodic songs and a few slightly heavier ones as well. Having seen him live only once, I regret not taking an opportunity to see his incredibly tight set a second time.

The Prodigy

It’s sad to say that this artist is a little dated by this year of 2013, but what else can one say about someone that hasn’t released a track for a number of years? Still, The Prodigy have achieved iconic status and have hit up the world with some memorable tunes, but I’ve always wanted to take it further and see them live. Perhaps it would no longer be my cup of tea but maybe, just maybe it would be one of the best dance music shows I’ve ever been to.


I often refer to Justice as the French Daft Punk (even though Daft Punk are themselves French) when trying to explain their sound to others, but they are so much more than this. Their most recognisable track by far is Genesis, which is an absolute tune by anyone’s standards that deviated into electro as much as it does dance music. I can only imagine what it would be like to cut a few shapes in a crowd whilst this duo are playing, a goal which I hope to achieve at some point.

Daft Punk

Another influential duo from France, Daft Punk are a pretty obvious choice for being on a “top electronic music to see live” list since their various releases have been monumental in weaving electronic music with rock and pop(ish) music, hitting us with a synthpop style that is matched only by the sound of the above-mentioned Justice. To see these live would be a pleasure.

2Many DJs

With a wide variety of remixes and original tracks to offer, 2ManyDjs (aka Soulwax) are an incredible sight to see in a live setting. Never will you have seen such a tight live performance by two DJs as this duo, so they are well worth a trip across the country to see in the flesh.

Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip

I’m pushing it a bit here since I’m sure this gentleman duo won’t like being referred to as electronic in nature, but Le Sac’s vocals have been used in a few decidedly more electronic songs such as Doctor P’s The Struggle, and even their own original songs are heavily influenced by electronic music producing techniques such as cutting and reshuffling of vocals and sections of music (heard prominently in the incredible This is a Message From God to Man. Seeing two men with this much talent is high on my priorities list.