Crypto Music Blockchains – The Next Frontier for the Industry!

The world of crypto is a varied one. From silly ventures and currency inventions like Dogecoin to more serious undertakings such crypto-backed sports journalism/blogging and dedicated gaming-centric currencies like, crypto affords those looking to launch a startup the opportunity to base their platform on a powerful and functional cryptocurrency.

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Three Influential and Important Electronic Music Artists

The sorry state of the music industry in 2014 is news to no one, apart from perhaps to those that go to Ultra Festival and spend most of their time there shirtless, doing molly, and thinking that Skrillex is anything to do with the original dubstep movement. I’m not electronic music purist by any means; I like a few Skrillex tracks as much as the next idiot. The thing is, I don’t delude myself into thinking that most modern-day artists are somehow as influential as some of the true innovators of the last two decades. Taking a dim view the shambles that makes up 99% of modern electronic music isn’t being a purist: it’s just plain common sense.

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Sucker by Jonas Brothers Review

The mere mention of the Jonas Brothers often causes the standard music snob to roll their eyes in dismissal. It isn’t real music after all, is it? Well, millions would disagree with you, and as much as I’m not a huge fan of the standard boy band, it cannot be denied that this group, as well as its members, have had their fingerprints all over the music scene for more than a decade. Go ahead, just search for Nick Jonas’ songs as an example: you may be surprised to find that a popular chart song you heard a while back and to which you do not know the name, is one of his songs. As I said: fingerprints everywhere.

Jonas Brothers Sucker

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