Pictured above people at the Shambala Music Festival

So you consider yourself an experienced festival goer and if your mate was to ask you of a critique and comparison of the UK’s top festivals, you’d have no problem plucking some of the cool niche events from your vast experience. You’ve been to Reading and/or Leeds festival countless times for the full experience, you’ve hit Global Gathering once or twice in your time, and Glastonbury is definitely on your agenda in the next few years as well. While these festivals have a huge amount to offer to the broadest range of people, there are some whose tastes are little narrower and are of a more specific niche than what your average festival can provide. You’ve got Download festival for metal, Reading and Leeds for an eclectic yet fairly commercial mix of artists, and Global Gather (among others) for the ravers, but what about those that want nothing but what is described as “alternative” styling from beginning to end? Because of the very nature of alternative festivals in general, they aren’t necessarily well-known by many, but as a result are smaller, more exclusive, and have an altogether different experience to offer compared to the larger festivals, many of which have lost their unique atmosphere over the years as they increase in size and popularity. You’ll find a few of these lesser known festival choices below, allowing you to branch out and expand your festival horizons.

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