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Three Influential and Important Electronic Music Artists

The sorry state of the music industry in 2014 is news to no one, apart from perhaps to those that go to Ultra Festival and spend most of their time there shirtless, doing molly, and thinking that Skrillex is anything to do with the original dubstep movement. I’m not electronic music purist by any means; I like a few Skrillex tracks as much as the next idiot. The thing is, I don’t delude myself into thinking that most modern-day artists are somehow as influential as some of the true innovators of the last two decades. Taking a dim view the shambles that makes up 99% of modern electronic music isn’t being a purist: it’s just plain common sense.

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Electronic Music Artists You Must See Live in Concert

Living for Live Music

You can’t escape it: electronic music has very much arrived and looks to be here to stay for the foreseeable future. Though it has existed in various forms since its rise in the late 70s/early 80s, it has taken the world by storm in recent years, leading to the infuriating label of EDM (Electronic Dance music) that it has been given by audiences in America where it has become known almost exclusively by this acronym. I have appreciation for all kinds of music regardless of style, as long as said music is good. By good, I of course mean sounds good to me, which in turn might not sound good to other people, but that is neither my concern or problem. Having listened to massive amounts of dance and electronic music in general, I’ve definitely whittled down the pool of artists I’d very much like to see live because of their skills as producers, DJs, and also their songs. Who cares, right? Who cares about some list I’m making? I do, that’s who, and I’ll just go ahead and make my list of electronic artists that would be incredible to see live.

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Top Dance and Techno-Influenced Tracks

 Techno, Techyes

Techno, Techno! The term techno when used in reference to music doesn’t refer to the genre that I thought it was a label for, or at least it doesn’t anymore at least. It seems that anything with a BPM of over 120 that uses fairly obvious synthesised tones is now described as techno, and by that definition, half the songs in the charts at the moment are of the genre! The problem I have is twofold when talking about techno: firstly, it isn’t my first choice of musical style by any means – I’m a fan of minimal, house, progressive, DnB, and Dubstep (pretty much anything that isn’t techno, actually; secondly, even if I did enjoy this music in a big way, I wouldn’t know whether the term techno would even be the right categorisation for them. Either way, I have a construct in my head about what techno music actually is, and I’m going to use this construct to come up with an in-no-particular-order list of songs that I particularly enjoy that straddle the no-man’s land between dance, house and techno, often being neither one nor the other fully, but possessing characteristics of any three or even all of the aforementioned genres. Sit tight, you may be about to see a strange mix of songs and genres here.

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Top Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Albums To Spotify

You’ll be hard pushed to find many popular songs nowadays that don’t contain at least a few instances of electronically-created melodies. Electronic music is everywhere, though in some places more than others. It has risen to prominence in the USA fairly recently but elsewhere has been appreciated for a very long time. Below is a short list of some electronic music albums that are definitely worth a bit of your time and your listening ear.

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